Which? reveals the cheapest supermarket of the year –

Which? reveals the cheapest supermarket of the year –

Lidl was the cheapest supermarket for a trolley of groceries in 2020, exclusive Which? research reveals. 
The discount supermarket was just 34p cheaper than its nearest rival Aldi for our trolley of 45 branded and own-label groceries. 
But it was a massive £26.02 cheaper than the most expensive supermarket for an equivalent trolley of items.
Here we reveal how each of the eight biggest supermarket chains compared on price and take a look back at how grocery shopping changed in 2020. 

The cheapest supermarkets revealed
Our trolley of groceries contained 45 popular branded and own-label products, including Hovis bread, Knorr stock cubes, eggs, cucumber and tomatoes. 
Lidl tops the table as the cheapest supermarket of 2020, closely followed by Aldi. Waitrose is the most expensive supermarket at £68.69 – a whopping £26.02 more than Lidl. 
Here’s how the supermarkets compare:
Why is Lidl cheapest?
Regular readers of our ‘Cheapest supermarket of the month’ stories might be surprised to see that Lidl has been named the cheapest of 2020, given that, of the eight months in 2020 that Aldi and Lidl were included in our analysis, Aldi was cheapest six times and Lidl twice.
It all boils down to the items we’ve been able to get prices for. We look at a huge range of food and household essentials but, for our whole-year analysis, we only included things that we could get at least 100 days’ worth of data for at all eight stores.
This meant that slightly different items ended up being included from those in our monthly summaries, enabling Lidl to swing it by just 34p.
You can see the results for every month, including December 2020, on our supermarket price comparison page.
Lidl vs Waitrose: biggest price differences
We’ve unpicked the data to ...
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